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Pioneering the Advanced Air Mobility

One purposeful application of drones & VTOL is to build a multimodal transportation infrastructure network for steady, technology-driven growth in the economy and society. One reason is that AAM has the potential to transform modern society based on the independent movement of roads and terrain. In addition, the 3rd dimension of mobility is redefining the innovative technology of flight. It provides safe, quiet and easy access to vertical space. Furthermore, the demand for faster mobility is always growing

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is a new concept of air transportation, which transports people and cargo, between locations on urban - Urban Air Mobility (UAM) - and regional - Regional Air Mobility (RAM) - level. This involves the use of revolutionary new aircraft for passenger transport as Personal Air Vehicles (PAV), which reflects the intended uses in a congested urban environment. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that their benefits will not be limited to cities. These PAVs can be deployed anywhere to reach geographically distant, underserved communities. AAM integrates use cases such as freight delivery, commercial air service over short but also long distances, public service, and private or recreational use. The AAM concept will consist of an ecosystem that addresses aircraft development and safety, operational framework, airspace access, infrastructure development, and community engagement.



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